Just Some Thoughts…

People of tomorrow and yesterday. Change, rapid change is in the air; there’s no denying it. I feel your anxiety because I’m there along with you. I feel your impatience because I also want things to speed though. But, now more than ever, we need to be patient, and think. Don’t yet act, think. If we act too soon our decisions are bound to be rash, so we must think. The supreme court’s decision to pass gay marriage is a great sign of acceptance from a cynically repressive society, however, it is also a sign of civil discontent for the lack of social structure. They want to be included and recognized as being part of the social symbolic network. Nobody wants to be outcasts. With the fall of religion, morality is in danger. We simply don’t know what to do anymore. It is the cause of all of the mass shootings by young teenagers. They are confused. My generation is a wondering generation. We are looking for something that’s not yet here. We’re all blind men searching for a glint in the sky. We’re the woman in stilettos trying to run. We’re trying to make the impossible happen. And rest assured miracles do happen, will happen; In time.