Transitions By Kevin Charles Christison

kevin charles christison transition

A while back when I was driving around looking for skate spots (I sometimes look for random skate spots to skate) I crossed paths with this bronze statue. I instantly fell in love with it. I love the fragmentary missing body parts and the displacement of the woman and man figure. It’s important that the woman figure is facing towards us and the male figure is almost on the side line. The object in which both figures are “holding” resemble a key (Is not the woman figure supporting the heavier part?). I’m very glad that I saw Christison’s bronze statue. 

P. O. V.

POV (Point of View), despite what most people thinks, is not a direct eye contact between the actor and the camera (or in other words, the audience). There’s nothing subjective about the POV shot. However, it’s not all together objective either. It’s a little bit of bother. The view is in that very blind spot almost right next to the actress’s cheeks. POV is slightly off of the subject’s visual path, so that the audience remain an unseen observer with in the film.

Man speaking the Woman. Man speaking.