Magician Girl


Some years ago when I was in community college a girl friend of mine used to do magic tricks for us when we were waiting for class to start. She made a coin disappear, levitated (2 inches) off the ground, found the card in the deck that I picked out before hand. The usual tricks. One day she brought a magician’s hat. She had a great sense of fashion, so I thought that the hat was part of her outfit. (She did look very pretty with it.) We were talking on a stone bench under a tree. The wind was blowing a little. She said, “you wanna see a trick?” “Yeah, sure.” I said. She took off her hat in a wide swoop, dumped her entire arm inside the hat (much farther then the brim of the hat), and pulled out a white rabbit by the ears.

To this day I have no idea how she did the trick. The more I thought about it the more illogical it became. Was she carrying the rabbit inside the hat the whole time we were talking? How did her hand go down that far inside the hat. The whole thing was so mythical and dreamy. Soon after the class ended she moved away, and I never saw her again. I have a few questions for her if I see her again.