Self Portrait

mark li self portrait


Value study

I’ve been looking at Feng Zhu’s stuff a lot. He’s just incredibly talented in his art work and in his teachings. I highly recommend watching his youtube courses, and you can find it here. He is the founder of the FZD School located in Singapore, to which I hope to visit one of these days. Also check out his blog: here.

Here’s a value study of one of his pieces. Not nearly as great as the original, but I just wanted to get a feel of his technique of creating distance using “atmospheric fog.”

soldier going in to a fantasy land.

A girl

A quick digi-paint referenced from an anonymous photo (I really should keep track of my references, I know). Two versions: one without any textures (which looks almost like graffiti art) and another with textures. Personally I like the second one more because it reminds me of old photos with a sort of modern twist.

A young girl sitting on the ground staring into space thoughtfully.

Girl sitting without textures

young girl sitting on ground looking thoughtfully

Girl sitting with texture added