LA Nights



As of Now

A two days painting at life drawing. I wish I had gone darker on the colors (or should I say cooler–in terms of the warm and cool color scale), and I wish I had another day to finnish it. My painting never feel finishes. Ever. So weird.

Spring Break is on the horizon, but I wont be having no break. I’ll be setting up my new portfolio site and finishing my senior thesis short animation film. And I’ll also be posting some of my short story comics very soon. Very excited to share these with you webbers!!!

painting of man sitting.

Value study

I’ve been looking at Feng Zhu’s stuff a lot. He’s just incredibly talented in his art work and in his teachings. I highly recommend watching his youtube courses, and you can find it here. He is the founder of the FZD School located in Singapore, to which I hope to visit one of these days. Also check out his blog: here.

Here’s a value study of one of his pieces. Not nearly as great as the original, but I just wanted to get a feel of his technique of creating distance using “atmospheric fog.”

soldier going in to a fantasy land.

The Banner

I spent most of today setting up the banner for this blog, and I really like how it turned out. The image of reference was from an anonymous photographer (if you recognize the image and know who it belongs to please let me know, and I’ll certainly give due credit). I did another version with a different type, but I think the one chosen suits the illustration way better.

Here’s the variation:

A vintage sea diver dressed in a suite, standing in a flower field.

Formal Diver in flower field with texts





And here is one without the texts:

A vintage sea diver standing in a beautiful flower field.

Formal Diver in flower field without texts





That was fun.