Digital painting

Girl Who Waits at the Bottom of the Hill


Hello inter-webbers! It’s been a while. So very sorry for not posting anything for so long. I’ve been extremely busy at work and at life. So many things are happening all at once that I haven’t a clue how to categorize the events in my finite mortal brain. It was (and still is) crazy. But I shall be back at it again. I’ve been writing a lot of short stories, and I’m planning to develop some of them into short comics. You’ll notice that I’ve added a comic section at the menu bar above. Check back for updates!!

I want to also take a moment and say thank you to all of my followers. You guys are awesome. Seriously. You are. And I won’t forget my peeps over on Facebook. You guys are seriously awesome as well. What is art, after all, if there’s no one to witness it? Gratitude to all!!!!!!

From Dublin to Home

The final narrative piece in the Dublin series. This is when the two boys are getting back onto the ferry after their day of miching. I’ve exaggerated the size of the ferry to give it its mammoth presence seen through from the POV of the boys. I also wanted a dream-like effect for the piece ’cause (as with most joyce’s stories) the short story had a lucid feel to it. The fog was my touch, too. It was accidental, and I like it.

Two boys running to a crowded ferry ferry.