class assignments

Media Sampler project

Wow, the last two weeks has been CRAZY. So many things seemed to have happened all at once, some more easily perceptible than others (and some much more easy to cope with than others). My class schedule has finally took its final shape from its chaotic metamorphosis. I can already tell that it’s going to be a long and strenuous semester by how the instructors have organized the class curriculums. But the subjects nonetheless remain intensely interesting: illustration (using tradition mediums and illustrator); professional practices in the arts (the promotional sides of art); and philosophy of race, class, and religion.

Here are some sketches from the traditional illustration class. Our objectives are to produce 60 (yes 60) thumbnails combining two objects together to make a pleasing composition. The end result will be 9 illustrations in different mediums and styles, bind into a sort of accordion book. It’s going to look fantastic!

various angles of a water bottle and a squirrel.Thumbnails of water bottle and squirrel composition.