Character: Phil

This is the second character from the story. I don’t really know what his personality is going to be like; I’m trying to figure that out in the storyboards right now. I love how organic the storyboards are coming out. I have no idea how it’s going to end.

I’ll be posting a few concept paintings soon, so I’ll keep you guys posted.

Phil-character_Mark Li

Character: Nat

Hi EVERYBODYYYY!! I’m back! Well, sort of…. I’ve been so insanely occupied with making a good portfolio that I haven’t had any time to think about what to post on the blog. You see, reader, I’ve been developing a story; a story about childhood in the suburbs. that’s all I want to give out for now. I’m in quite a production process right now. But here’s one of the characters!

little girl on scooter and different expressions

From Dublin to Home

The final narrative piece in the Dublin series. This is when the two boys are getting back onto the ferry after their day of miching. I’ve exaggerated the size of the ferry to give it its mammoth presence seen through from the POV of the boys. I also wanted a dream-like effect for the piece ’cause (as with most joyce’s stories) the short story had a lucid feel to it. The fog was my touch, too. It was accidental, and I like it.

Two boys running to a crowded ferry ferry.